Indoor Cycling Computer
CompuTrainer Australia
A proven training system.
Sports specific, Course
specific, safe & efficient.

Created by RacerMates precision instrument engineers in Seattle, USA, CompuTrainer is a world leader in the field of electronic indoor cycling training systems. This indoor bicycle trainer presents state of the art technology that is not offered by a normal wind trainer.CompuTrainer features the RacerMateOne software suite which includes Power Training, 3D Cycling, SpinScan, Real Course Videos and Course Creation to create an outstandingly effective indoor cycling experience.

Using CompuTrainer indoor bicycle trainers computer system increases your cycling power by 10-30% and your speed by 3 to 5 KPH.This claim is backed up by our money back Performance Improvement Guarantee. Whatever your starting point, you'll move up in the rankings. Equally important, Computrainer helps to eliminate the boredom often associated with an indoor bike trainer.

Triathletes, cyclists and fitness enthusiasts of all ability levels experience major performance gains from training with its innovative hardware and software. For years top coaches have used CompuTrainer road cycling training computers to test, monitor, and train their athletes.